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Amos and Andy - Check and Double Check

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my hat's too big...

  Health Clinic 

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The Vibrational Universe
 Why do some people succeed and others fail? The Vibrational Universe is the clearest and most comprehensive overview of the Law of Attraction and the relationship between the spiritual and the material world An best-seller


 The Law of Attraction: An Overview The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ But what does this mean and how does it apply to situations in life? Let’s take Rick and Sam. Both of them are tired of their job as salesmen for a big corporation, and both want to start a new business. Sam thinks that it would be a great idea, but that it’s really impossible.Rick decides that although he has no employees, infrastructure, or money, it’s going to happen. On the way home from a conference in another city, Sam is sitting next to Bill. Sam is tired and grumpy, thinking about his crummy job and how he wants out. Bill leans over to start a conversation but Sam turns away, looking out the window. After the plane lands Sam is waiting for his ride when a woman bumps up against him. “Sorry,” she says, and is about to make chit–chat, but Sam is irritable and moves away.When Bill leans over to talk to Rick, however, Rick is receptive, for he has been making plans during the entire flight and is feeling juiced. They shoot the breeze for a while and Bill mentions that he’s about to retire after 30 years from a well paying executive position. It turns out that Bill, in his late middle age and with a fat bank account, finally wants to take some risks in his life; he’s tired of his corporate job and is looking for a challenge in his retirement. Bill, in his fantasies, has always dreamed of managing a small start–up but never had the guts to do so before. Now he’s ready. Rick and Bill get excited about Rick’s new venture and exchange email addresses.What happened? Sam’s very strong desire for a new business put him within vibrational reach of Bill, but Sam’s decision that it’s hopeless sabotages the opportunity. The woman who bumped Sam is a software engineer who is also looking for a new opportunity, and might have made a good employee or partner in Sam’s business. That’s how the law of ‘like attracts like’ works. Through a series of seeming ‘coincidences,’ based upon the content of your conscious vibrational signal, you meet up with people with matching, or similar, desires to yours. It’s your free will decision to take advantage or not, but one thing is for sure: Rick is going to have a lot easier time of it than Sam creating his new company.The thing is, you never have a clue about how this works unless you are vibrationally ready for it! A guy like Sam would say that it’s total nonsense. And for him, it IS nonsense! He is always vibrationally out of range of those who can help him, even when they are sitting across from him.Rick and Sam illustrate an important point about the Law of ‘like attracts like’: you can only perceive within a limited range, so you can only come together with those who are in your range. If Sam continues to focus more on his crummy job than on the new business he wants to create, he will no longer even meet up with people like Bill, for they will be completely outside of his vibrational bandwidth His friendship with Rick will also suffer, for Rick will want to hang out with someone whose outlook is more congruent with his.Sam will probably find himself associating more and more with people just like himself: disgruntled and dissatisfied workers who have given up on their dreams.The Law of Attraction is your obedient servant, but it always matches you up with your true vibration. Despite the apparent unfairness and injustice in the world, the Law of Attraction is scrupulously fair, and does not discriminate against anyone.Sam would probably disagree! Even though Sam wants to change, he is unwilling to do the necessary inner work to alter his state of being. And this is quite understandable, for Sam, during the course of his life, has gotten into a habitual pattern of self-limiting thought. Sam knows that it’s very hard to change, for he has observed his father over the years struggle with his business and his family relationships. Sam just knows, deep down inside that change is difficult.Sam’s belief sets up a vibrational pattern of thought, attitude, and emotion that is vibrationally matched by the LOA and is reflected in the people he meets and the situations he finds himself in.Rick, on the other hand, makes his decision for positive change and keeps his focus on the goal. Rick gets up joyfully every morning with his new business in mind, and he’s constantly coming up with new ideas. His new attitude makes him a better employee at his present job as well, and he receives a raise. For Rick, life is grand!The good news for Sam is that when he truly decides to change positively, his life will begin to mirror those changes. But Sam has to get some new thoughts first! He cannot spend 95% of his time in frustration and expect that Law of Attraction to magically give him his new business. Like Rick, he has to make his dreams the predominant focus of his conscious attention. When he does that, Sam will, like Rick, begin to magically meet up with the people and the resources he needs. Your work is to align your thoughts with your desires. When this happens, you will notice an inner excitement, and a desire to get into action. Those actions will be lined up with the goal, and will proceed along the path of least resistance. Manifestation must inevitably follow. 
__________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © 2006 by Kenneth James Michael MacLean. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 

Magnetizer LPG (liquid propane gas) Fuel Energizer - U.S. Shipping & Handling Included $185.00  
 Magnetically charged fuel reduces fuel consumption, reduces co2 emissions, saves money and reduces maintenance. - For U.S. Shipping. 
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sample:  nuclerar scientific equipment

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                        This ad from Zoocheck Canada will appear in Edmonton bus shelters this week. (Zoocheck Canada)

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                                    Bhajan - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

               This billboard is part of an advertising campaign to be launched this week in Edmonton by Zoocheck Canada. (Zoocheck Canada) 

  The Monkees - Words

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led zeppelin - babe i´m gonna leave you (denmark, dinamarca 1969)

                 “ߦãck §åÞÞ䆵”



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National Swindle of the World Trade Center
 This explosive new online book stands 50 government reports for 9/11 on their heads, exposing a many of their their scientific flaws. The book consists of 7 chapters with 37 color photographs, a Glossary, and an Index. It discusses in detail the scientific facts and evidence they show, all at a popular layman\'s level. Dr. Grabbe is a physicist with a PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech (1978), and over 30 years of published research.  
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National Swindle of the World Trade Center

rabindranath tagore encyclopedia

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Who wore it better #pawsforpros #dogsanddollars #lifeundercapitalism

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Sonic Run: Internet Search Engine

 The Key of Awesome!: Eminem I Need A Doctor PARODY!

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